Mallazyr - Horoscope Reading and Spiritual Guidance - Cameroon

Mallazyr - Horoscope Reading and Spiritual Guidance

Mallazyr - Horoscope Reading, Spiritual Guidance, Mind And Body in Cameroon. I have completed my Masters in Metaphysical Science at the University of Sedona, and am currently working on my dissertation for my Doctorate specializing under Holistic Counseling. I am an am ordained minister for the Universalist Church. I have studied I am a Spiritual Advisor. What does this mean? I am a mentor, a friend, someone who can offer counsel and direction in your life. I can help you make your life more manageable and easier and show you a better way to handle your own issues and guide you down those tough decisions you need to make. While I know not everyone will be ready to hear what I have to say, no sugar coating just truth. I am NOT a Psychic or a Medium or someone who claims to have supernatural or "god-gifted" powers. Those things are simply not real or at least in the sense we and hollywood percieves them, they do not exist. I am not a mind reader or someone who claims 19 years of experience in Cameroon.

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